MythA1 Air Purifier MythA1 Air Purifier MythA1 Air Purifier MythA1 Air Purifier MythA1 Air Purifier MythA1 Air Purifier MythA1 Air Purifier MythA1 Air Purifier MythA1 Air Purifier MythA1 Air Purifier MythA1 Air Purifier MythA1 Air Purifier

MythA1 Air Purifier

No consumables x UVC

Innovative fast washing technology!

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About us

A combination of Apoll?, god of prophecy, and Venus, god of beauty.

We hope to bring beauty to the world: the entire process, from design, technology, modeling, craftsmanship, assembly, to delivery to every customer, all of our products and services follow the most stringent standards and are just right. , and the touch of supreme beauty.

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Myth A1 Air Purification Aesthetics

"Give Beauty To Products And Achieve Everyone's Life Aesthetics"

Believing that beauty can change the world, Apolnus makes good use of design
and craftsmanship to make products carry aesthetics and become an indispensable work of art in your life.
Let the connection between products and people be deeper and more beautiful.

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99% efficient aldehyde removal

99% efficient aldehyde removal

Quickly remove formaldehyde hazards and avoid harm to the human body due to long-term exposure to formaldehyde-filled environments.

5-layer filter without fear of pollution

5-layer filter without fear of pollution

Multi-layer composite filter, high-efficiency filtration, so that indoor pollution is invisible.

392.6m3/h ultra-high CADR value

392.6m3/h ultra-high CADR value

It has high air purification efficiency, effectively removes dust particles suspended in the air, and spares every corner of the home.

ApSense Smart Sensing

ApSense Smart Sensing

Smartly sense the quality of PM2.5 in the air, monitor the air quality at all times, and create a comfortable living environment.

UV nunu? LED UV Purification

UV nunu? LED UV Purification

Through ultraviolet rays, viruses and bacteria are eliminated twice, so that the sterilization and disinfection effect is as high as 99.99%.

APP intelligent remote control

APP intelligent remote control

Through the brand mobile APP, the remote control of the air purifier is connected, and the intelligent household appliances make life more convenient.

International Certification,
Security Assurance

Good products speak with facts, pass third-party inspection
and certification, and use them with peace of mind


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Joeman Famous Youtuber

The high CADR value is enough to cope with every home space. In addition to saving money and environmental protection, the consumables-free design has complete SGS-related certification experimental data, and the super early bird price is very competitive at the same level.

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Yuci Famous Youtuber

The innovative design without consumables, the washing filter is simple and saves money, the key is to get a lot of certifications, the exterior design is handsome and metal with gray appearance, it is both textured and fashionable, it is really a good product with taste and security!

I'm Serious

I'm Serious Famous Youtuber

Formaldehyde is a first-class carcinogen. Myth A1 UVC air purifier without consumables can effectively remove harmful gases such as formaldehyde and toluene. It has obtained SGS and other certifications so that consumers can use effective products with peace of mind. It is really a Taiwanese brand with heart.

Cat with Coriander

Cat with Coriander Famous Youtuber

It is very good at filtering pet hair and cleaning the air. The touch panel is also very considerate, especially the design of the safety lock, which can prevent pets from touching at home. The filter is super simple and easy to clean. It is really a great boon for pets. All children!

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Saturday Kitchen

Saturday Kitchen Famous Youtuber

I usually need to listen to the sound when shooting cooking, and I can’t use the range hood, which often causes the whole space to smell of oil smoke. With the help of Apolnus, these smells can be removed in just a few minutes, and the whole air will be refreshed!

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Cousin Platypus

Cousin Platypus Famous Youtuber

The water washing filter technology has been greatly upgraded, and the cleaning is super simple. At the end of 2022, it is really a very good demonstration for the air cleaning industry!

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3C Dog

3C Dog Famous Youtuber

iCS electrostatic dust collection technology can remove PM2.5, formaldehyde, TVOC, and UVC can kill germs!

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