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Story of

Apollō,Born with dreams and glory, constantly overcoming setbacks, bearing the ability of language and medicine, using the silver bow as a weapon, he defeated the python skin and became the "God of Disaster Elimination and Solving Difficulties".
Venus,Born in the waves of the sea, he is an adult at birth, and his destiny is destined to be perfect. He travels around flowers and herbs, bathes in beauty and purity, is the god of love and beauty, and is also the "god of perfection" in the eyes of the world.
He and she, from nothing, constantly creating and reappearing, new myths —— APOLNUS

里程碑 里程碑 里程碑



Brand agency e-commerce forms a young and professional brand design team, brand image planning, agency and warranty after-sales service, and cooperates with domestic and foreign 3C electronic brands to design and share strategies.



Owned brand has accumulated 5 years of brand cooperation agency and after-sales service. The company decided to create its own brand Apolnus, and is committed to becoming an innovative product company loved by global users.



With rich practical experience in the market to understand customer needs, solve the pain points of existing products, share technology with German and Chinese brands with more than 10 years of manufacturers, and purchase patents, launch the first project of Apolnus brand in Taiwan Myth A1 air purifier, in the future, will plan to continue to launch better high-quality home appliance products, and will continue to improve its own development strength, maintain integrity first, and move towards internationalization.




Only with ingenuity and love can there be talent and perfection

Brand Vision

"Only with ingenuity and love can there be talent and perfection"

We polish each product with the concept of pursuing "love and beauty", and understand every part of people's body structure and skin touch, so that products can better understand people's needs. At the same time, we are also relentlessly pursuing innovation, creating a natural and aesthetic home appliance ecological chain, and creating a better life for every customer.

Give beauty to products and achieve everyone's life aesthetics

Brand Mission

"Give beauty to products and achieve everyone's life aesthetics"

Believe that beauty can change the world. Apolnus makes good use of design and craftsmanship to make products carry aesthetics and become an indispensable work of art in your life. Let the connection between products and people be deeper and more beautiful.

Exploring the supreme beauty is our unchanging belief Exploring the supreme beauty is our unchanging belief Exploring the supreme beauty is our unchanging belief

Brand Values

"Exploring the supreme beauty is our unchanging belief"

We hope to bring beauty to the world: the entire process, from design, technology, modeling, craftsmanship, assembly, to delivery to every customer, all our products and services follow the strictest standards and are just right. , and the touch of supreme beauty.

Beautifully Made

Create exquisite and aesthetic products for customers with unique temperament and style, bringing deep visual enjoyment and use experience.

Beautifully Art

With the industry-leading technology level, we constantly pursue perfection and innovation, and provide customers with high-quality product assurance.

Beautifully Heart

Injecting distinctive care and charm, creating a thoughtful and exclusive brand service for customers.

"Let every product become the beauty that reaches people's hearts"

When Apolnus was born, it established a contract between products and people, knew everything, understood everything, inherited more beautiful and better services, and designed products that are truly suitable for him and tailored for more people.