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iCS Clean System

Breathe Elegance, Experience Innovation

we blend cutting-edge air purification technology with sleek design to elevate your living space and breathe life into every corner of your home


Mastering Craftsmanship: The Art Behind Apolnus

Every Apolnus device is a testament to impeccable craftsmanship. From precision engineering to aesthetic design, we merge tradition and innovation to deliver unmatched air purification performance


Revitalize with Every Wash

Experience the innovation of washable filters that redefine cleanliness and sustainability. With each wash, your air purifier is restored to its optimum efficiency, ensuring fresh air without the hassle of constant replacements

Cutting-Edge Technology, Infinite Possibilities

Discover Apolnus’s proprietary advanced technologies setting new standards for your indoor air quality.

iCS Dust Collection & Sterilization

Adheres to PET surfaces for high efficiency. Quick to clean, durable, and long-lasting.

Graphene Conductivity

Powerful adsorption with our proud new static dust collection technology.

ApSense Laser Sensing Technology

Accurately identifies particulate matter and odors in the air, providing you with a fresh and safe living environment. Leveraging advanced laser technology, we track and analyze air quality in real-time, ensuring that every breath you take is of the cleanest air possible.


Particle Removal

14.6 nm、51.4 nm、101 nm、PM 2.5

Bacteria and Virus Elimination

Capable of eliminating COVID-19, Staphylococcus aureus, airborne bacteria, and E. coli

Negative Ion Concentration

Greater than 10 million

Harmful Gas Removal

Removes formaldehyde and toluene


Combining ultra-quiet operation with a sleek design, perfect for modern homes. Features advanced electrostatic dust collection technology for effective filtration of fine airborne particles


This flagship model combines cutting-edge purification mechanisms with a sleek design, ensuring an unmatched air quality improvement solution.


Designed specifically for pet-friendly homes, equipped with a high-efficiency filter system and negative ion technology to effortlessly eliminate pet odors and hair, keeping your home air fresh.


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